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Pet Insurance »

photo credit: kellyhogaboom Heather Reynolds is a pet lover and internet journalist at Trupanion, North America’s fastest growing pet insurance provider. Trupanion offers a simple, customizable pet insurance policy with…

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Cat Insurance Tips »

Sleeping kitten  Cat belonging to Np. S Author:Trupanion pet health insuranceDo You Really Need Cat Insurance – Here’s a small collection of Cat insurance articles I reviewed this afternoon.…

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Premises liability: all you need to know »

Premises liability is the legal liability a landowner or a building owner has for certain kinds of accidents or injuries…

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The Professional’s Guide to Indemnity Insurance Across the Industries »


Professional indemnity insurance cover is critical for professionals who give out advice that can potentially change their client’s lives. It…

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UK Tradesmen need insurance »

Tradesmen's Entrance

There are a wide range of options when it comes to tradesman insurance policies, with advantages and disadvantages to all…

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Insurance for when the chips are down »

Fish 'N Chips ..... (261/365)

Despite the movement Britain has made towards embracing cuisines from all over the world – we have an incredible range…

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Insure Your Dental Visits »

Dental Operatory 1

On your way to work, smile at a stranger and brighten their day. When you look around you, do you notice how many glum faces there are, as though the public in general have the whole world sitting on their shoulders, adopting a negative attitude…

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Cheap Dental Plan- For You and Your Family »


photo credit: indigotimbre Taking care of your teeth is very important nowadays as it prevents you from loosing your teeth and also it insures an overall good health. Nowadays the costs of any dental procedures can be very high and many people end up avoiding…

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Insuring against winter. Should you pay a premium in case of heavy snow?

While snow damage will usually be covered in your buildings insurance, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions of your policy – particularly the storm provision. If it’s not included, you might want to pay a…

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Leisure The caravan in place

Caravan insurance explained

Caravan insurance is important if you intend on keeping all of your belongings and the caravan itself safe. This is especially true if the caravan will be left unattended for long periods of time. However, with…

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Health Dental Operatory 1

Insure Your Dental Visits

On your way to work, smile at a stranger and brighten their day. When you look around you, do you notice how many glum faces there are, as though the public in general have the whole…

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Overview of Insurance Law

photo credit: alexliivet“Insurance law” refers, extremely broadly, to the laws and regulations that govern the provision of insurance, as well as the conduct of insurers, and the insured. Because insurance is available to hedge against virtually…

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When Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

photo credit: digitizedchaos  By Linda Dailey Paulson  If you’re considering renting a car, whether for business or pleasure, the biggest decision you’ll likely face is whether you should purchase additional insurance coverage. Comprehensive rental car insurance…

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Marine IMGP5787

What Does a Marine Surveyor Do?

The title marine surveyor conjures up various job descriptions, but realistically, a person following this occupation will be involved with water related craft that could be anything from fishing or speed boat to an ocean going…

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Tenants Modern Apartments Portrait

A brief definition of landlord insurance

As with any other insurance policy, it is possible to get varying degrees of cover for landlord insurance, so you must decide which policy is the best one for your needs to ensure that you have…

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How Much Insurance Is Too Much?

Life insurance companies offer various insurance policies to meet the needs of policyholders. Term life insurance provides coverage at fixed payments against the death of the policyholder during the term. Unlike other investment products, term life…

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